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  Fabien BOURGEOIS c441499d9d [ADD]GOLEM Family : add member family names and search on it 1 month ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 301f88f537 [IMP]GOLEM Member : allow more operators on search age 1 month ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS f695e36811 [IMP]GOLEM : allow force email sender 8 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 0434781cd0 [I18N]GOLEM Base : updated translations 9 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 4a27a16c90 [IMP]GOLEM Base : partner manager group visible outside of developer mode 9 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 06f04b5f82 Merge branch 'master' into auditor_group 9 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS f34787e46b [REF]GOLEM Auditor : refactorings, small ones 9 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 5ad4ee5e70 [I18N]GOLEM Event translations 9 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 5e7a418848 Merge branch 'master' into auditor_group 9 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 71f933fdb3 [REF]GOLEM Event : small enhancements 9 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS e0901a879e [FIX]GOLEM Activity should not install event 9 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 51b88463bb Merge branch 'master' into golem_event 9 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS fab585d247 [IMP]GOLEM Activity : show only default season per default 9 months ago
  Youssef Elouahby dfd4b97f84 standard model acces right fixation 9 months ago
  Youssef Elouahby 2201a3b87f Add menu access rights to auditor groups 9 months ago
  Youssef Elouahby adc449fca5 create golem_event and edit upcoming filter 9 months ago
  Youssef Elouahby 60d9e37d9b remove event code from golem_activity 9 months ago
  Youssef Elouahby 7147abcc50 give group auditor right to read only on every model 9 months ago
  Youssef Elouahby dec23148ae create group_golem_auditor 9 months ago
  Youssef Elouahby c95a54bd6c Change upcoming filter to current & upcoming on event search 9 months ago
  Youssef Elouahby 3ad9263f68 make season default filter active on activity action 9 months ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 73f53fdec3 [I18N]GOLEM Member translation issue fixed 1 year ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS a73eafbc02 [IMP]GOLEM Member : analysis with choice between service users and members 1 year ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 165830363a [FIX]GOLEM Activity Registration Custom Price : model security fix 1 year ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS d0d8d15799 [IMP]GOLEM Member Minor : do not hide minor tab anymoe 1 year ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 17ddecbbfb [ADD]GOLEM Activity Registration Payment : handle openings 1 year ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 3c4ba1beae [FIX]GOLEM Activity Registration : correct invoice view 1 year ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 9f36b0a365 [FIX]GOLEM Registration Payment : bad domains 1 year ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 481ca0994d [IMP]GOLEM : store is_default for members and activities 1 year ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS cd2afd3b22 [FIX]GOLEM Activity Registration : do not allow activity price edit 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS cbb4c92b5a [FIX]GOLEM Activity Registration : fix on analysis wizard form 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS e3f7a6c626 [IMP]GOLEM Analysis : pivot axes, by tag and area.. 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 1561a47a83 [FIX]GOLEM Member / Registration analysis fix on reusing current 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS a533a6b7f8 Merge branch 'master' into analysis 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 5a4e46f9a5 [ADD]GOLEM Member : service user mailing from tree view 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS e1ff683494 [IMP]GOLEM Activity Registration Payment : invoice filters 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 4898a0d93d [REF][IMP]GOLEM analysis : add flexibility 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 1c3f10ad0a [IMP]GOLEM analysis wizards : use header, not footer in current target 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 9705eb0f5a [IMP]GOLEM analysis : use m2o / o2m to avoid full erasal on new analysis 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS d895203d1a [REF]GOLEM Member : small refactoring on analysis 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 9bc6ffd6bb [REF][IMP]GOLEM Activity Registration : analysis small enhancements 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS fed5da9535 [I18N]GOLEM Activity Registration Custom Price updated translations 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 7254c2f737 [ADD]GOLEM Activity Custom Price : service user analysis 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 408dc00e1b [REF]GOLEM Member Family Quotient : small refactorings 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 6482489aa9 [IMP]GOLEM Member : do not return pivot view per default 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 48507f10d6 [ADD][REF]GOLEM Member : sevrice user analysis 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS f1725b2096 [REF]GOLEM Member : age range small refactorings 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 953d0bca3d Merge branch 'master' into analysis 2 years ago
  Fabien BOURGEOIS 5318431970 [IMP]GOLEM Member : better regexp for area street auto completion 2 years ago
  Youssef Elouahby 0d5238fca8 [Analyses pour la ville] edit __manifest__ 2 years ago